Robin Green
The exciting return to Simplicity


On the surface I am a soft-spoken young woman whose eyes capture, whose voice calms, and whose presence is warm. Upon striking my interest with conversation, you'll soon discover one word to describe me: UNconventional. Actively studying the natural world of Horticulture, I cater to the characteristics of mother nature that create, restore, and enhance life. Honing these skills, I master at treating the body, spirit, and mind through natural forms of sensory elevation and stimulation.

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Robin Green



My knowledge of music is fairly extensive. Being eclectic and playing six instruments, my knowledge and interest goes far beyond Top 40. Understanding music allows me to be open-minded, but I especially enjoy Heavy Metal, Classical(Cello Concertos), Trip-Hop, Disco, Old-School Hip Hop/R&B and some Blue Grass .

Etymology/linguistics is only part of the reason why I'm an aspiring polyglot. Language is beautiful in all of its forms. I've begun my journey 2 years ago with Deutsch.


Robin Greene

January 2019


Nature moves, and so do I. I enjoy Hiking and Biking my way through lush forests and long trails; and Dancing to House/Disco, Metal, and the Blues.

Not hard to please, but I do enjoy a variation of unusual foods. With a bitter palate I enjoy Game Meats, Aged-Soft Blue cheeses, Balsamic Vinegar, Sour Candies, Red wines from south of the equator (especially South Africa), and Irish Whiskey.

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Robin Greene